Parents Need Their Sanity Too

I don't know how parents do it, man. They've got to be some kind of superheroes or something. I stayed with my sister for a month after she had her new kid in order to give her a hand with things around the house and with the baby. Maybe with the baby, I had told her, because babies are fairly frightening creatures. I bought a couple of baby monitors for her to put around the house so she could always see what the kid was up to no matter where she went so she could at least take a bath without having to worry about the baby being down for a nap. Her husband was still working at the time and didn't get hardly any time off - welcome to America, ya know?

It's kind of unfair what they make new parents go through by not offering them the amount of time that they need in order to adjust to being a parent but you gotta do what you gotta do, I suppose. It seems doubly unfair when you consider how little sleep that they actually get on any given night. My sister was bleary eyed for months and I felt like I hadn't helped at all during the month that I stayed with her and I did quite a bit! I gave her a hand with everything that I could think of short of raising the kid myself. I love her and her husband is a great guy but they are going to have to figure out something for the sake of their own sanity and the kid if they don't allow themselves to get a break once in a while. Nobody can be a full time parent alone so something is definitely going to have to change for them.

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The Improving Transcription Software Industry

Audio transcription has been a lifesaver for me at work. I analyze news media for a living where I record specific mentions of politicians, popular products and anything else any client uses our services for. For the most part I've learned to do this in real time with the video being played at 1.5x the speed, a feat that my emploters have always been impressed by. Still, it's far faster for me to speak than to type (even if it has been a period of adjustment). It's only been recently that the transcription software has been advanced enough to allow for this to work at all. Back in the day it was simply incapable of handling the normal speaking pace that the average person talks with. You would have to speak slowly and quite articulately which would slow the entire process down. Now you can chatter away at the software with very few mistakes being made in between.

Transcription software is going to change everything. I've been thinking of trying to play the videos loud enough to allow the transcription software to pick up on certain words. That's one great feature of this software is that it only activates on specific keywords that are chosen. This has allowed me to fine tune it so I can answer a co-worker without having to pause the video. Of course, they all think I'm sort of mutant whose sole superpower is this job. I like it well enough to always look for new ways to help me improve the quality of work. Combining audio transcription and typing it out manually has increased my production nearly 25% - which is 15 to 16 hours worth of video transcribed in a single 8 hour period. My goal is 20 but I have no idea how I'll be able to manage that.

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