My Son Begged Me for a Drone, and I Finally Gave in

My son is only five years old, but that doesn't prevent him from wanting new gadgets when he sees them on television. I thought getting him a fpv rc helicopter quadcopter drone was a bad idea, but my husband said it would be okay. I honestly just think he wanted to play with it himself because he's just a big kid at heart. So I gave in when they found that perfect drone, I said okay, you guys have your fun boy time and I'll just let it happen.

So on my son's birthday he opened up that drone, and we attached his daddy's phone to it so that when it went up into the sky we could record what was happening. My son had the biggest smile on his face watching that drone fly through the sky while he controlled it. My husband only had to help him a few times because it looked like it was going to crash and burn.

When we let it land on the ground my son was so excited to watch the movie he had made on his daddy's phone. It was a good fifteen minutes of footage for his first movie, and he was excited to see himself on that video from such a high point in the sky. He ended getting some footage of a bird flying past the drone, which was pretty cool because we got to see it in motion at a close range.

Now that he has this drone, he wants to fly it non-stop. At times it can be a bit annoying, because I don't want to be sitting outside constantly so he can play with this drone, but I know he really enjoys it. I'm glad I gave in and let him get it, and I'm really glad that he's getting better at using it because I'd hate for him to crash it and then I'd have to shell out more money to get him a new one!

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New Things Because Part of Your Life Quickly

Sometimes it just does not occur to you that you will be out of a job that you've held with no problems for over 15 years. But one day, I showed up at work and found the front doors to the building were locked. Not long after, I found out my company had shut its doors without a word. I wondered if I would soon be joining all the people who search for the best scrap metal buyers to purchase the metal for that they get. I know a lot of people who do it after they lost their jobs.

I guess what bothered me most is the fact that I got up early to get some things done the morning I learned that I no longer had a job. I woke up early because I didn't want to be late to work. Once I was done doing a few small projects, I was able to sit down for my usual cup of Joe and reading the newspaper. Then, I got ready to go to work and left on time. I was proud of myself for being organized. Then, I drove to work and found out the big news. I was careful to not affect the company by being late, but they weren't careful about doing any info updates for their employees. It made me sad.

When I got home that morning, I told my wife what happened. She was pregnant with our first child, and she was just as panicked as I was about how long it would take for me to start making money again quickly. The baby's birth was just four weeks ago, and there was no time for me to waste. I quickly called a friend who is in the scrap metal selling business now, and he gave me some tips and hired me on immediately.

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Savvy Recruiting Lets Us Avoid Wasting Interview Time on Candidates That Are Not a Good Fit

Manhattan is the business center of the world as far as I am concerned. It took us years to be able to afford to move our operations into a nice office space. Considering it costs more than two grand to rent a space about the size of a large closet to live in here in Manhattan, we are really forking over the money to lease an entire floor of an office building now. Yes, you can say we have arrived. And we owe our success to the talent we hire. Our NYC recruiter is due many props for the talent we have acquired over the years. We would not even think of trying to get people on our own now.

There are all kinds of recruiters and headhunters out there. We use a specific NYC recruiter that gets us expertise and personality that fits with our company and corporate culture. We have a way of doing business that is not as traditional as some of the other corporate models in our industry. We only want people with a passion and vision for what we do, and we give them a lot of leeway to be creative. The self-starting and self-motivation questions that are standard in interviews of those we consider hiring are a big part of our business. We give good people a place to work their creativity where they have the support of their peers and a steady paycheck. We remove the impediments that get in the way of performance in some other companies.

We do not follow a standard competition model either. The individuals and teams are encouraged to collaborate. We put experts in different disciplines together to work out solutions to the products we want to design and sell. The prize is the finished product, and collaboration makes it happen. Our NYC recruiter helps us avoid having to interview talent that has more of a solo agenda in their careers. It saves us time and gets us the people our company needs.

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Best Business Card Design Companies

We desperately need to have some new business cards created for the company, because ours have been around for nearly a decade and they do not look very good. They were not designed by a professional in the first place, and so it is a wonder that I have not thought to replace them sooner. I guess it is something I've thought about before, but it was a low priority and so it hasn't happened yet. I am looking for pricing for business card design in Brisbane and I hope to start to talk to a company that designs business cards soon. I am not really sure how much money this is going to cost, because as I already said, the first time around when we had our business cards made, they were not designed by a professional.

We are definitely going to take a different approach this time though, and I want to make sure that we have them designed by a company with a lot of experience in making high quality business cards. I think that business cards should be carefully designed, because they are so small and there is not a lot of room to put information on them. So every detail of a business card counts, in so far as how well it will be received by a potential customer.

I really want to make sure that these are going to be very professional looking business cards. I think that a professional look is probably the most important quality that a business card can have. We have been trying to re-shape our image over the past year and I think that the new business cards will really help with that. We have made a lot of progress but we still have quite a bit to do.

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First Time Home Buyer Looking

I am finally looking to buy a house, and I am very excited that I am in a position to buy a house finally. It took awhile to get here and so I am glad that all my hard work has paid off finally. But I shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch and I actually need to find a house to buy before I celebrate anything. To that end, I am seeking complete listings for homes for sale in Santa Cruz CA. I want to look and browse the complete listings first before I actually narrow it down to my price range and other requirements that I have in mind for a house to buy.

I believe that we have an ample amount of money saved up to put down as a down payment on the mortgage. It took a few years to save up so much, but we wouldn't really have been able to buy a house any sooner anyway. I had to repair my credit before I was able to be in a position to buy a house. I have been working on that for years though and I really regret making poor credit decisions in the first place.

When I was a sophomore in college a bank offered me a credit card and then raised my credit limit to 5000 diollars a couple months later. It is not very smart to give a 19 year old kid a 5000 dollar credit limit. So I did what was only natural for someone with my level of financial naivety and maxed it out. Then I ran into some rough spots financially and the card almost went into charge off. I think I got up to 120 days late payment. That and some other issues really trashed my credit for awhile.

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We Have a Cool Room for Fruits and Vegetables That is Chilled by an AC Uinit

We have a cool room in the house where we keep fresh foods and other items we do not want getting warm. It is not bigger than a closet. My wife and I like to cook a lot. We provide some meals to our grandparents and some other elderly relatives and neighbors. The cool room is where we keep things such as potatoes and greens and other fresh foods we use in cooking. It is cooled by an AC unit that blows cold air into the room. We called for HVAC repair in NYC to come out and fix it. It was a particularly hot day when it quit working. I did not want our fresh vegetables and breads to go bad. The room does not get as cold as a refrigerator. it is just kept cool and dry. The AC really dehumidifies the air very well.

I got the idea from a cool and dry room we had at a restaurant I worked at as a teenager. They had their big walk-in refrigerators and freezers, but the also had a dry storage room that was cooled. We kept everything from crates of bananas to fresh lettuce in there. Our cool room literally is an old closet right off from the kitchen. We lined the walls with slick panels you would find in any walk-in refrigeration room. The AC unit kept the room at the perfect temperature. Well, that is as long as it was working. The through-the-wall system was like ones you might see at a motel. There is the cold side on the inside, and the other part sticking out from the wall just outside. It was not a window AC unit. This one was made with an inside cooling unit and outside coils. It had to be serviced like a central AC system. I'm glad it was just a bad thermostat and not the compressor.

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Parents Need Their Sanity Too

I don't know how parents do it, man. They've got to be some kind of superheroes or something. I stayed with my sister for a month after she had her new kid in order to give her a hand with things around the house and with the baby. Maybe with the baby, I had told her, because babies are fairly frightening creatures. I bought a couple of baby monitors for her to put around the house so she could always see what the kid was up to no matter where she went so she could at least take a bath without having to worry about the baby being down for a nap. Her husband was still working at the time and didn't get hardly any time off - welcome to America, ya know?

It's kind of unfair what they make new parents go through by not offering them the amount of time that they need in order to adjust to being a parent but you gotta do what you gotta do, I suppose. It seems doubly unfair when you consider how little sleep that they actually get on any given night. My sister was bleary eyed for months and I felt like I hadn't helped at all during the month that I stayed with her and I did quite a bit! I gave her a hand with everything that I could think of short of raising the kid myself. I love her and her husband is a great guy but they are going to have to figure out something for the sake of their own sanity and the kid if they don't allow themselves to get a break once in a while. Nobody can be a full time parent alone so something is definitely going to have to change for them.

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The Improving Transcription Software Industry

Audio transcription has been a lifesaver for me at work. I analyze news media for a living where I record specific mentions of politicians, popular products and anything else any client uses our services for. For the most part I've learned to do this in real time with the video being played at 1.5x the speed, a feat that my emploters have always been impressed by. Still, it's far faster for me to speak than to type (even if it has been a period of adjustment). It's only been recently that the transcription software has been advanced enough to allow for this to work at all. Back in the day it was simply incapable of handling the normal speaking pace that the average person talks with. You would have to speak slowly and quite articulately which would slow the entire process down. Now you can chatter away at the software with very few mistakes being made in between.

Transcription software is going to change everything. I've been thinking of trying to play the videos loud enough to allow the transcription software to pick up on certain words. That's one great feature of this software is that it only activates on specific keywords that are chosen. This has allowed me to fine tune it so I can answer a co-worker without having to pause the video. Of course, they all think I'm sort of mutant whose sole superpower is this job. I like it well enough to always look for new ways to help me improve the quality of work. Combining audio transcription and typing it out manually has increased my production nearly 25% - which is 15 to 16 hours worth of video transcribed in a single 8 hour period. My goal is 20 but I have no idea how I'll be able to manage that.

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