It is Pretty to Find an Inexpensive Place with No Roommates

Living with roommates was something that I no longer wanted to do. I had spent four years and in college while living with a group of rowdy guys. I’m an introvert by nature, so you can imagine that this was pretty rough on me during school. After graduation, I looked around at apartments near Alamo Heights to see if the rent was something I could handle alone. During school, it was It was a must to live with a lot of other people so that we cover all of our daily expenses.

I don’t really spend very much money, so I was hoping that I would have enough cash each month to live in a one-bedroom place alone. All of the places I ended up looking at showed me that it will not hard to do at all. A one-bedroom place in a nice section of this city costs much less than a comparable one bedroom near the university in the last city that I lived in. I found a lot of the places here cost much less than the much more expensive places I lived in with friends where I lived before.

The place that I now live in is just one mile away from my work. There are two grocery stores in very close proximity, three coffee shops, and a host of other businesses that I like to visit often. Everything that I need is located so close to me. I rarely even have to drive my car anymore because I can walk or ride my bike. This saves me a lot of money in gas. The only time that I really need to use my car anymore is when I to get to the airport or when I want to drive outside the city to the country for a day of sightseeing.

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