Moving Mom into a Local Apartment

I knew that I was going to have to start looking at apartments soon, but it was not a task that I was really looking forward to. I had promised my mom that I would help her look at luxury apartments in Florissant MO though, and I knew that the time had come to do that. I felt pretty silly when I told her that I would pick her up so we could look at them, and she told me that she had meant for me to look at them on the Internet.

That is pretty funny, considering my mom just started using the Internet for more than email just last year, and I had been using it for two decades now. Anyway, I realized she was right, and I started looking at local apartments right away online. That was much easier doing it that way, and I found the perfect apartment for her in no time. I knew that she would want to see the actual apartment in person first, which I definitely wanted to do as well, so we made a trip there the next day to look things over.

It was everything I thought it would, and then some. We were able to walk around the grounds to see everything, then they let us into one of the vacant apartments so she could see if it was a good fit for her. She actually liked the one that we looked at, mainly because of the gorgeous view from the balcony, and she applied for that specific one right there on the spot. She did manage to get that one, and we had her moved in there within a couple of weeks. The speed of moving her into a new one bedroom apartment was faster than I ever thought possible, and we are both happy with the end results of it all.

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