Uptown Living for a Few College Students

I struck up some fast friendships at college in Dallas with a couple of people, but within weeks of living in the dorms we were looking for uptown Dallas apartments for rent. The problem, we all agreed, is that we simply couldn’t study in the dorms. There were too many noisemakers and general malcontents having a great time away from their parents for us to crack a book and learn anything. By the third or forth week of the endless partying and generally obnoxious behavior, we decided to pool our money and look for a place far away from campus.

We don’t mind having a good time, but with an apartment of our own we can control when it happens. All of us are serious students, and we’re serious about work first and fun a distant second. Our main concern was making sure we found a nice place that we could afford. » Read more

Being Beaten by the Best

I’ve met an intense rival at the Goodlettsville Apartments. I was playing on the tennis court one day, and a random person walked on the court. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, as he was just minding his own business. He pulled out his racket and ball and started doing some practice swings and hits. Then he looked my way and asked me if I wanted to play a game with him. I was up for a challenge, so I agreed and our match began. This guy was better than any tennis player that I ever faced.

I worked up quite a set during our intense game, and I was on the verge of victory for a while, but the other man came back and defeated me. He had to rush off the court before I had a chance to find out what his name was. The entire day, all I could think about was how he had beaten me. I considered myself to be one of the best tennis players at the apartments, but my thinking had been challenged in only one day. I had to have another match with that man, but I didn’t know how to get in contact with him.

Later that week, I went back to the tennis court to practice, and the man walks onto the court again. I walked up to him and asked him for his name. He told me and challenged me again to a match. I accepted the challenge without hesitation and the match was underway. This time, we had a little audience watching up play. I heard some cheers going on in the background, and I think someone was betting money on the match. I lost the second match, but the man told me to contact him when I was ready to play again.

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