Uptown Living for a Few College Students

I struck up some fast friendships at college in Dallas with a couple of people, but within weeks of living in the dorms we were looking for uptown Dallas apartments for rent. The problem, we all agreed, is that we simply couldn’t study in the dorms. There were too many noisemakers and general malcontents having a great time away from their parents for us to crack a book and learn anything. By the third or forth week of the endless partying and generally obnoxious behavior, we decided to pool our money and look for a place far away from campus.

We don’t mind having a good time, but with an apartment of our own we can control when it happens. All of us are serious students, and we’re serious about work first and fun a distant second. Our main concern was making sure we found a nice place that we could afford. Going uptown sounded expensive, but with the help of our parents we knew we could afford it. We found a place and all I can say is wow! Tons of stuff nearby you can walk to, and lots of great neighbors with whom we could chew the fat.

The office people were great and assured us that this wasn’t party central. Our tour of the apartments really opened our eyes. None of us come from homes as nice as this place. We laughed when we realized the ceilings were so high none of us could jump and touch them. Very nice and very wide open. The gourmet kitchen looks like something you would see in a cooking show, all gleaming equipment and fancy counter tops. They even have a saltwater swimming pool! Never heard of that before. We can’t wait to get in there and enjoy our new found peace of mind.

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