We Have a Cool Room for Fruits and Vegetables That is Chilled by an AC Uinit

We have a cool room in the house where we keep fresh foods and other items we do not want getting warm. It is not bigger than a closet. My wife and I like to cook a lot. We provide some meals to our grandparents and some other elderly relatives and neighbors. The cool room is where we keep things such as potatoes and greens and other fresh foods we use in cooking. It is cooled by an AC unit that blows cold air into the room. We called for HVAC repair in NYC to come out and fix it. It was a particularly hot day when it quit working. I did not want our fresh vegetables and breads to go bad. The room does not get as cold as a refrigerator. it is just kept cool and dry. The AC really dehumidifies the air very well.

I got the idea from a cool and dry room we had at a restaurant I worked at as a teenager. They had their big walk-in refrigerators and freezers, but the also had a dry storage room that was cooled. We kept everything from crates of bananas to fresh lettuce in there. Our cool room literally is an old closet right off from the kitchen. We lined the walls with slick panels you would find in any walk-in refrigeration room. The AC unit kept the room at the perfect temperature. Well, that is as long as it was working. The through-the-wall system was like ones you might see at a motel. There is the cold side on the inside, and the other part sticking out from the wall just outside. It was not a window AC unit. This one was made with an inside cooling unit and outside coils. It had to be serviced like a central AC system. I’m glad it was just a bad thermostat and not the compressor.

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